Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring is crucial to improve and ensure the safety of workers in control areas of nuclear power plants, research centers, reprocessing facilities and hospitals. Likewise, government institutions and bodies like the police, fire brigades, first responders, health officers and radiation protection inspectors requires reliable instrumentation that they could use in the field.

Nakheel Environmental & Industrial Solutions supplies instrumentation in the field of alpha, beta, gamma monitoring, nuclear instrumentation solutions and ‘track & trace’ solutions for industrial use. We also supply related monitoring network that transmits data to central reporting station.

Instrumentation we provide are internationally acclaimed for their autonomy, reliability, and ability to resist harsh environmental conditions.

Radiation Monitoring instrumentation provided in Oman & Qatar:

  • Survey and Contamination: Alpha, Beta, Gama, X, Radon
  • Dosimetry
  • Clearance Monitor


Continuous Analyzer

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